Missy has to be one of my favorite trannies - she always has some freaky shit she wants me to try. Hell, asking me to come over for a threesome was actually pretty mild for her, but she found a way to heat it up pretty good. We both got a chance at her ass, and she made sure to wrap those tasty lips right around my dick to give it a great sucking.

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Agostania Brigitte

Classy and continental, this shemale packs a surprise for any guy not down with the tranny action. But her costar in this update is, and is more than happy to see what this lady is packing between her legs. More than just a woman, more than just a man, Agostania gives up that ladycock while her funbags are felt up.

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Mary Ann

Mary Ann had a thing for domination and lingerie - she got off on both, and the combination just drove me nuts. She was just waiting for me with her lingerie covered legs open, her dick hard and ready. She pulled down my head and got me to start sucking her dick, eventually pushing me over on the couch and fucking me harder than I've ever been before.

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Ayelen & Mikella

Some guys get all the luck -like Ayleen and Mikella's costar in this scene. This tranny enthusiast gets not one, but two of the hottest shemales to be found. Both ladies have all the curves of a woman, with luscious asses and full tits, with the hard cock that's ready to fuck and the attitude of a bitch in heat.

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Gisella was one of those tranny whores that knew exactly how to make me hard as fuck. I loved feeling her titties, then dropping my hand down to stroke that dick. She had on this pair of really hot stockings that rubbed against my legs when she climbed on top of me to ride my dick. Her ass was bouncing up and down, and I could feel her balls slapping against mine with every thrust.

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Jessica was one of the hottest trannies I have fucked in a long time. She was way taller than me, which put me right at boob level. That worked out pretty damn good for me, although it got even better when she took off her pants and showed off her rock hard cock. I just had to wrap my lips around that, and later on I got to slam into that tight tranny ass of hers.

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Erika & Aldana

Some guys get all the luck, but some guys need a little something- and I think you know what I mean -more than what most girls have. The lucky stiff in this scene treats himself to not one, but two amazing specimens if shemale excellence, Erika and Aldana. These ladies aren't too selfish to share and this guy isn't too shy to show off his genderbending bounty!

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